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Lorin Nicholson Travels from Brisbane, QLD


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Lorin Nicholson | The Man, The Music, The Motivation | Empowering others with the vision to succeed.

As one of Australia’s most prolific and prominent motivational speakers, Lorin Nicholson not only understands the keys and principles for success, he personifies them and has now shared this knowledge and experience in over 4000 keynote addresses to more than a million people across all industries. Many have an incredible story to tell, however Lorin possesses that rare story telling ability that truly motivates, captivates, entertains and empowers others with the skills, knowledge and determination to create their own success.

Unlike the usual, naturally gifted celebrity athlete, business person and motivational speakers who choose to become successful, Lorin was forced to dig deep, fight hard and muster every ounce of his will-power just to be normal. At age four, Lorin was declared legally blind, however despite the enormous challenges of blindness growing up and the pessimistic views and low expectations of so many, it soon became obvious that Lorin possessed an incredible inner strength, resilience and determination that would see him destined for great things.

Whether focussed on becoming an academic achiever, a record breaking athlete, an award-winning music producer and virtuoso guitarist, or building a strong and successful business, amazingly, Lorin continues to surge on to achieve far above and beyond most abled people.

Lorin’s powerful messages, captivating delivery style and incredible guitar playing, coupled with his unrelenting determination through adversity and infectious enthusiasm for life always leaves an indelible imprint on the lives of everyone he meets.

Whether it’s giving your team a motivational pep-up, or developing greater initiative, vision and leadership among your staff members, or refocusing your company’s direction and business positioning strategy, Lorin is renowned for his profound ability to communicate, innovate and accelerate individuals and organisations towards higher achievement.

As an official Baton bearer for the XXI Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast 2018), Lorin was both excited and completely humbled to have the honour of carrying the Queen's Baton in Brisbane.  

With an amazing story to tell, Lorin is real, completely engaging and absolutely inspirational!

Lorin's Journey

Lorin Nicholson has the extraordinary ability to communicate, captivate and connect people of all industries and executive status with success and higher achievement. With more than 40 years' experience conquering the challenges of blindness, his approach to motivational speaking is unique, original and fresh. From a position of presumed weakness, he skilfully juxtaposes the sharing of inspirational insights and profound messages with entertainment, storytelling, audience engagement and humour.

Lorin’s career began as a Remedial Therapist, where he built one of the most successful health clinics in the country, treating more than 30,000 people, ranging from Outback farmers to Olympic athletes. He possesses an uncommon ability to connect, communicate, network and build strong client relationships, coupled with successful business positioning, managing risks and creating your own critical point of difference.

As a recent finalist in the golden guitar awards and 2015 music producer of the year winner, at the Australian Celtic music awards, Lorin’s virtuoso skills on the acoustic guitar are simply amazing and has allowed him to join an elite few players invited as lead-line endorsees for the prestigious Martin & Co Guitar Company.

He has regularly featured in many newspaper articles, radio interviews and television appearances including The Today Show, Australia’s Channel Nine Carols by Candlelight, live news stories and 60 Minutes.

His own incredible true story and recently published inspirational book, ‘The Amazing Bike Ride’ has now become a best-seller and included on the New South Wales Premier’s reading challenge list.

In recent years, Lorin has been honoured as an ‘Australian of the Year’ nominee, Brisbane person of the year nominee, Vision Australia person of the year and awarded a Queensland service award for his valuable contribution to the community.

In April 2010 Lorin and his blind younger brother Dean created Australian history, as they became the first blind persons to ride over 4000 kilometres across Australia in a four week epic journey from Perth to Sydney. During his most recent adventure, Lorin and his 17 year old son Andrew, rode a tandem pushbike 1800km from Brisbane to Melbourne, where he was once again invited to perform on Channel Nine’s nationally televised Carols by Candlelight. His “Blind Courage” ride down the east coast attracted hundreds of media hits around Australia, with a reported media value of $1,000,000 and a trail of several million people that were inspired by his extraordinary journey.

As one of Australia’s most loved motivational speakers, Lorin’s optimism and passion for life is totally infectious, as he continues to inspire and empower thousands with the determination, resilience and vision to climb their own mountain.

Keynote Titles

  • Clarifying your vision – Don’t be blinded!
  • Unlocking the one secret to success or failure!
  • Become the leader everyone wants to follow
  • Thriving through times of change & challenge – Developing physical, mental and emotional resilience
  • Become the master communicator – Hearing what you can’t see!
  • No excuses. Become the owner!
  • Shattering expectations – What and where are the limits?
  • Don’t let the music die in you! – Discover your purpose, mission and the strength within
  • Achieving the impossible – Become a record breaker
  • Climb your own mountain – A personal strategy for a lifetime of success


Lorin Nicholson was by far one of the best speakers we have engaged to close out our two day event, and judging by the feedback, Lorin’s presentation was one our conference delegates won’t forget. Lorin’s style is unique and he is one of the loveliest speakers I have had the pleasure of working with. As the event organiser I am very glad I took on board the strong recommendation from Great Expectation to engage Lorin. He has received a 100% positive feedback score, and the comments from our conference delegates really do speak for themselves.

Business Improvement In Government

Lorin Nicholson is fast becoming one of Australia’s pre-eminent entertainers and motivational speakers. He has an imposing and unforgettable presence, and a musical ability that has attracted the genuine acclaim of critical experts. But more than that, Lorin is a decent bloke who personifies life's ideals, and unfailingly gifts an audience with something that is very special - an example of using the gifts that each of us has been given. He is a real talent, and an inspiration that lives life-long with all those with whom he comes in contact. He tells each of us "Don't die with the music in you''.

The Australian Newspaper

Lorin was amazing, the entire audience rode the journey with him from start to finish. In the preamble at the gala dinner I told everyone to prepare to be inspired; inspired they were!




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