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Tristan Miller Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Tristan Miller


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Tristan Miller is "that guy", the one who ran 52 international marathons in 52 weeks in 2010.

His tales of heroism and misfortune are dynamic and engaging. His ability to sift through the lessons of his year and give insight into the profound changes that he went through has audiences engrossed in the story. Tristan even captured many of these moments on video, as he carried a camera while he was running in every corner of the world, making his presentation visually entertaining.

Tristan's story shows that a very regular guy can do incredible things with the right motivation. He'll have people so inspired by the end of his talk, they'll believe they can take on the world too!

Tristan Miller spent many years working in ad sales, before the "call of the wild" took hold. In the Global Economic Crisis of 2009/10, Tristan lost his job at Google when they shut down the Melbourne office. Instead of looking for a new job, he decided to take on a new challenge.

He sold everything, laid out an extraordinary strategy and left Australian shores to attempt to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks - 42 countries, 7 continents - raising money for the charities, UNICEF and Facing Africa. Tristan's crazy idea turned into an epic journey as he traipsed the world, mostly alone, to see what it was like to run around the planet. He ran in all the major international marathons, including New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo, but also found himself in Rwanda, Mongolia and on Easter Island, in Chile, to name a few. He even ran across the frozen fields of Antarctica!

Tristan made national headlines before he left and then again on his return to Australia and his name has been in print in many languages around the world, creating thousands of avid international followers. His website and Facebook page has huge numbers of regular visitors all now wondering, what's next for this rising hero of running?



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