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Nick Haddow Travels from Hobart, TAS

Nick Haddow


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Nick's obsession with great cheese started when he was given a bucket of fresh goat's milk whilst working as a chef in South Australia's Eden Valley. Since then, cheese has taken him around the world before it eventually landed him on the stunningly beautiful Bruny Island in southern Tasmania. Nick is highly regarded business innovator and entrepreneur. His business, Bruny Island Cheese Co, which he founded in 2003, has received many accolades including being awarded the Telstra Australian Business of the Year in 2014.

Now a passionate Tasmanian, Nick spends much of his time promoting the state and supporting, showcasing and mentoring many other artisan producers and agri-food businesses. His passion for small island living resulted in him being awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2014 to study the small island economies around the world. Nick is one of the strongest champions for artisan cheese in Australia and is a vocal advocate for raw milk cheese (which, given the smallest opportunity, he is happy to rant on about). More recently, since starting his own certified organic dairy farm, Nick’s passions also run to the challenges facing traditional agriculture around the world.

Nick has a successful media career that includes his role as co-presenter of all five series of Gourmet Farmer, the most successful food show on SBS, which is screened in Australia and around the world. He has co-authored several books including The Deli Book, and The Gourmet Farmer Goes Fishing with his mates Matthew Evans and Ross O’Meara. His most recent book, Milk Made was published internationally to rave reviews, and was awarded a prestigious James Beard Award in 2017.

Nick serves on the board of Brand Tasmania and the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania. 

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